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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

A little over a week ago I got a text message which included a picture of our beloved Kindle Fire. Actually it would be more accurate to describe the device as Nathan’s beloved Kindle Fire because pretty much commandeered it … Continue reading

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Solutions to First World Problems

My husband and I have recently had one of those conversations that makes you feel distinctly adult. No, I’m not talking about deciding whether or not to pay for the sexy channels (we have the Internet that shit just isn’t … Continue reading

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The one where I remember I have a job

I have officially completed my first full week back at work. It was….well not as bad as I expected honestly. I had a very hard time on Monday morning and spent most of my five minute commute blubbering in the … Continue reading

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State of the Household

Oh hi. I didn’t see you there. Uh yeah so it’s kind of been a while and I know I’ve been ignoring your texts and stuff but look! A new post! Because I care about you! It’s been a while … Continue reading

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Burn Baby Burn! Let’s talk about the Kindle Fire

No, I can’t stop with the music references. I am a cruel, broken, human being who enjoys getting terrible songs stuck in your  head. It’s either why you love me or why you hate me (spoiler: probably hate). I want … Continue reading

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