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The Difference a Year Makes

It’s been nearly a year since my last post on this blog. I had kind of forgotten about it until Carolyn told me this past week, during our podcast recording nonsense, that I should write more in this space. She also … Continue reading

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Balance is BS but Equilibrium is Attainable

About two weeks ago Don and I took the kids to the Austism walk that happens every year around Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. Don’s work sponsors a team for the walk to raise money for Autism awareness and they … Continue reading

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Reporting Live from the Scene of my Hangover!

I drank the terrible Vodka last night. It was not the wisest decision I ever made on a Monday night but it happened. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you guys, America has absolutely nothing to be … Continue reading

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Case of the Mondays

You’ll have to excuse the lack of  originality in this post title. It’s Monday morning and I’ve only had four cups of coffee, which is far from enough to allow for hilarious creativity. I’m sure many of you share my … Continue reading

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I’ve always considered my self a deeply technical person. Mathematics and science were the things that always made sense to me. The things I could always return to when everything else in my life felt a little topsy turvy because … Continue reading

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