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Lighter and Heavier

The last week has been…difficult. I’m still trying to process all of the reports and images of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. It feels like the heartbreak just keep coming and I’m definitely struggling to cope. My mother is having … Continue reading

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Balance is BS but Equilibrium is Attainable

About two weeks ago Don and I took the kids to the Austism walk that happens every year around Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. Don’s work sponsors a team for the walk to raise money for Autism awareness and they … Continue reading

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The One With the Update

My grandmother’s surgery happened today.  It was a total of about 4.5 hours which is, in short, a long ass time.  She’s currently in recovery with a group of nurses my mom knows personally so that’s making all of us … Continue reading

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The One Where My Heart is Heavy

First, the baby is fine.  He’s actually more than fine and is growing so fast I feel like I can’t even blink.  The hurt that I’m feeling is not about him, thank God, but instead about a slew of other … Continue reading

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Learning to Breath

I honestly had no idea exactly how much tension, stress and anxiety I was holding onto.  I discovered today that it isn’t just in my mind but also in every muscle fiber in my body.  I walk around wound up … Continue reading

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I really expected therapy to be terrifying.  I’m not sure why.  I guess because it feels the person you are talking to has the free reign to pick you apart.  Before my first appointment I kept having this nightmare.  I … Continue reading

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Dirty Secrets Part 1: The Beginning Sucks

I have probably hundreds of little tidbits of information that if I told other people would cause them to gasp or give some other generally horrified sound (the over exaggerated gasp is my personal favorite though).  One of those secrets … Continue reading

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