About Elaine

It’s about time I actually updated this page considering a lot has happened between when I wrote it originally and now.

I’m Elaine and this blog is pretty good representation of what floats around inside my head. I’ve been married to my husband, Don for five years. Don and I have two kids, Nathan who was born in April of 2010 and Kaitlyn born in March of 2012. We also have one cat named Allie, who pretty much hates my face ever since we brought these two naked kittens home.

My profession is Electrical Engineering but I make it a point to talk very little about my job here. I just never feel comfortable openly discussing what I do and the intricacies of office politics. That never seems to go well. Most of the time I’ll discuss the kids, my husband, something stupid I’ve done recently or one of my hobbies.

I spend most of my non work, non family time playing video games or exercising. I’ve been doing martial arts since I was a mere eight years old and that parlayed into lifting and other types of exercise as I’ve gotten older. Video games I started even younger, I think I was five when I got my first game system.

Feel free to drop a comment on one of my posts or follow me on Twitter (@etdragon) if you want to chat it up with me. I’m hilariously inappropriate on Twitter because I can be and my family doesn’t use that particular service. You can also shoot me an email at egarbarine AT gmail.com if 140 characters isn’t your thing.


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