Ode to Joy

The very fact that you fine folks are reading this means one very important thing, I survived. I made it through a week of work, solo parenting, writing, and podcasting. I am exhausted, I feel like I’ve been through a terrible war, I may have missed a few showers but I’m still alive and mostly kicking. It was a bit of a rough week. I will say that this week did have a few wonderful highlights. I got to see my mom. Kaitlyn now says “big!” and can reliably say the alphabet through “I.” Nathan did some phenomenally infuriating things but as a result of that he now uses one of my favorite phrases back at me, “Mommy, you are pushing my buttons.” I have to try not to smile and/or laugh when he does that which is very challenging. My favorite moment from the week actually happened last night. In the last week or two


Nathan and I have started playing a few Peggle levels on Xbox 360 before he goes up to his room for the night. This serves two purposes: 1. He’ll snuggle with me and 2. It serves to wind him down before bed. Last night Nate wanted to hold the controller and do it himself. I complied fairly sure he would get frustrated using the analog stick on the controller but I instantly found myself very surprised. I told him to move the stick left or right to move the ball guide and that the green button was to shoot. That kid then proceeded to clear that level all by himself. For reference he has played Peggle before but only in touch format, on a tablet. He’s never played a game using a controller before. He likes to watch me and we talk about the games as we play them but never before has he made anything go with analog sticks and buttons. Saying I was excited would be an understatement. Peggle is the perfect gateway game for him to understand how that controller works. I foresee some Peggle duels in our future evenings. I have to say it would have been cool if he threw this little skill in on Tuesday night when I needed a win in a bad way. Tuesday was nothing short of a shit show all around. I COULD HAVE USED A WIN THEN, KID. Watching my kids grow and change is probably my favorite thing about being a parent. The evolution to tiny blob creature to small human child is fascinating. The fact that my son is now developing some finer motor control and logic abilities straight blows my mind. It also warms my dark, cold heart to see how big that Xbox controller looks in the hands of a 3.5 year old. If this happens again tonight I’m going to try very hard to get photo evidence. Hopefully he won’t sling his cheesy face at me and instead will just look all serious while smashing some pegs. I know that Nathan is going to be a challenging kid to parent on a lot of levels and he is always going to try to break my rules. In a lot of ways he’s very much like me. He pushes me as far as I can go and right before I break he pulls out something so fundamentally joyous that I snap back to grounded again. I have a feeling the next 15 years are going to be quite a ride but at least we can play some games together along the way.


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Mom, engineer, writer, gamer, gym rat. Ain't nobody got time for excuses.
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