I realize I haven’t written here in a while but the simple fact of the matter is that I haven’t had too much to say. I don’t really believe in blogging just for the sake of it, to meet some arbitrary schedule. I like to write when things happen instead of just spewing out words all the time. No one likes spewing. Even that word sounds gross… I digress.


The reason I’m writing now is that we made the leap. Over the weekend Don and I took Nathan’s crib apart and converted it to a full-sized bed. We brought the little dude with us to the mattress store to pick out the new device he would sleep on. I got him some super cool Toy Story sheets. Nate helped with the whole process from standing around while I took the crib apart to listening to me attempt not to curse as I installed the conversion kit.

Actually putting Nathan to bed Saturday night actually went as it usually does. I put him in his bed with all his stuffed animals and Matchbox cars and I kissed him a million times and closed the door. I then proceeded downstairs to pour a rum and Coke so strong I couldn’t taste any Coke. As an aside, Sailor Jerry is some pretty good spiced rum. I recommend giving it a shot if you are into that sort of thing.

Honestly, Nathan really surprised me. He didn’t cry when I closed the door to his room and he didn’t scream and yell for me to come back upstairs. He played in his room/bed for a while and then everything was quiet. Don checked on him around midnight and he was asleep perpendicular to how normal people sleep in a bed which is kind of hilarious.

The second night he woke up around 3am crying. I went in and put his blanket back on and gave him a hug and he went back to sleep right away. Night three was much like night one except he was definitely walking around his room for a while, pulling out books and talking to his toys.

I was terrified of this transition, people. TERRIFIED. Freeing my mostly feral toddler from his wooden prison…errr I mean comfortable crib, was scary. Turns out like with most things I did not give my kid enough credit. He was clearly ready for the change. He’s super proud of his new bed and wants to show it to everyone. It’s all very exciting for him. I on the other hand will now be crying into my drinks because holy crap this kid is growing up too fast and I.can’


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