Finishing Things

One of my best and worst personality traits is that I get bored of things very easily. More often than not it happens when I get good at something and then I become disinterested in doing that thing anymore. I have a tendency to move onto something new instead of trying to find new challenge in whatever the current thing is that I have invested my time in. This applies at work which actually serves to be a good thing because I can move between projects and pick up new things with relative ease. It comes across as me always looking for new challenges which my boss likes to see.

The place where this can become a problem is in my hobbies. Most notably playing video games. I quickly get bored of games especially once I figure out all the mechanics and become proficient at using them. When that happens inside of a game I end up getting tired of slogging through the end of the game. I’ve either already figured out all the systems or I’ve already figured out where the story is going which makes finishing the game boring. This leaves me with a tremendous number of partially finished games in my library.

When I was younger this was much less of a problem because I just didn’t have the money to buy new games frequently. I ended up making my own challenges inside of games just to keep them interesting because I couldn’t afford anything else. As an adult with a good job I have the benefit/curse of disposable income. If I get bored of a game I have the resources to move on to something else.

Part of me feels like it’s good for someone with limited time to cut their loses and move on to a new game if fun is no longer being had. The other half of me feels like sometimes I don’t give games quite enough of a chance and perhaps I’m missing a great deal of things by not finishing out a title.

So, I’m going to make a run at finishing some of these backlogged games in the next year or so. For the current holiday season I’ll make a run at finishing all the new games that I buy as I get them. Once the post holidays lulls start to set in I’m going to double back to games that I haven’t given enough of a chance, I just got bored and didn’t finish, or I never started because I have a game buying problem (seriously, I may need a group meeting). I’m going to do my best to post an update every month or so noting which games I’ve finished off and what I’m tackling currently.

For now I have managed to tie up Dishonored and the main story line of Borderlands 2. I’m going to finish up the first Borderlands 2 DLC tonight. After that I’ve got Forza Horizon to tackle. We’ll see how this all works out. I’m shooting to finish 52 games before  Halloween 2013. Probability of success is likely less than 20% but I like challenges so let’s do this thing.


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