Movin’ and Shakin’

Things are getting crazy up in the Stryker household in a fun variety of ways. Interestingly enough none of the current madness going on has anything to do with my career or Don’s career. You’d figure that would be the case as we approach the end of the year but yet it’s all about the spawn.

First, the baby has managed to upgrade from her zombie lunge crawl to full on knees and hands crawling. I have upgraded my alcohol selection from wine to “pass me the hard stuff” permanently. Having two children who can now decided to head in opposite directions and attempt to destroy different parts of your house is horrifying. We’re talking scarier than Britney Spears that time she shaved her head horrifying. I can’t even begin to fathom what fresh terror will come our way once the baby is able to walk. I’m fairly certain the only solution to this problem is to permanently strap her to a chair. Alternatively I could pad the entire house and hide under the dining room table with the cat.

Interesting aside, when I Googled “AHHHHHH” to find a picture to fit the last paragraph the first thing that came up was AHHHH Real Monsters. Do you guys remember that show? It was so awesome. 

Next on the list of shit that terrifies me is the fact that we have officially ordered the conversion kit for Nathan’s crib. Actually we ordered it a few weeks ago but the lead-time is such that I have about six more weeks to contemplate how terrible an idea this is. He is currently doing pretty well in his crib but he is definitely outgrowing it. He’s dangerously close to the 36” tall that is recommended as the max height you leave them in a crib. Theoretically he could climb out of the thing any time he wanted he just hasn’t tried yet.

The plan is to convert his crib right over to a full-sized bed and put a rail on the one side with the bed against the wall on the other. Originally I was just going to pull off the front of the crib and convert the thing to a daybed but he’s just getting so big that it didn’t really make sense. He wouldn’t get any extra space out of that arrangement and he’d be more likely to fall out of the thing and initiate nighttime screaming mode. That really is my least favorite Nathan mode ever so I’d like to avoid that nightmare scenario.

This is one of those transitions that is making me legitimately nervous. I’m afraid the bedtime routine we have so firmly in place we get destroyed. I’m afraid he will be up all night or refuse to go to sleep thus keeping the baby awake. I’m afraid he’ll escape his room (even though we plan on putting a doorknob thing on his door) and fall down the stairs (even though we’ll be putting a gate across those). People, Now I probably shouldn’t be acting so ridiculous about this, especially considering how well he’s done with all manner of transitions in the past but this transition is about nighttime sleep. I do not like mucking about with the nighttime sleep.

I’m especially sensitive to making any changes to his routine when the baby has been doing the random nighttime screeching bit for the last week. We’re lucky that she’s relatively easy to settle but getting jerked out of sleep a few times a night is a little bit rough. Adding another variable to the mix by giving him the potential for nighttime destruction is not up at the top of my list of shit I want to do.

Luckily (can you feel the sarcasm oozing here?) I still have a few more weeks to obsess over this before we are actually faced with the day of reckoning. The night of nosleepening? The night sleep was no more? I’m still shopping the title for that post. Give me time. It’ll be amazing. (I’m sorry in advance if it sucks.)

For those of you with older kids how did the crib to bed transition go? For those of you without kids please to recommend me a good whiskey to try when this all goes to shit.


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3 Responses to Movin’ and Shakin’

  1. Toby says:

    If you don’t feel safe with just a railing I would suggest a small mattress to place on the floor on the side or some large body pillows in case of falling … I remember when i had to do this with my daughter and we kept the mattress as a landing pad if she ever fell off the side … Yes, Even with railing my daughter fell out of the bed … Other than that, Just make sure bed is next to wall

    • Elaine says:

      Yeah we’ll be putting the bed up against the wall on the one side and I think I’ll just put the old toddler mattress on the floor by the gap in the rail that way I’m safe all around. Here’s hoping this all goes smoothly.

  2. Melissa says:

    I dreaded the transitions so very much also. I have two girls though, so I think they were a bit easier. Only because they never tried to climb anything, shelving, beds, nothing. We used the crib first as a day bed and then moved to a single bed after awhile when the budget allowed for a new bed. They both got up out of their new beds every night for several nights in a row, but we put baby gates on their bedrooms, so they couldn’t actually come out. My oldest did once push it over and fall out of her room, but only once. After some stern voices and a few days of practice, they just went to sleep and it wasn’t a problem anymore. Right now sometimes the 5yo still gets up if she wakes up in the middle of the night, but I’m a super light sleeper so I can catch her and wtf-get-back-in-bed. We still use a baby gate – extended as wide as it will go – to block the girls doors because the new dogs are idiots and eat all their toys… Also as unfortunate I still had to get up twice last night. First the almost 10yo nightlight went out…oh dear…fine, here’s the bathroom one…and then the 5yo had to pee and since I stole the bathroom was too dark. Gah. Sorry. that was rambly.

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