Shades of Gray

Yes, I realize the title of this is obnoxious. No, I could not help myself. Yes, I am a child. No, I’m not drinking right now it’s 7:30am so all I have is coffee. No, there is no whiskey in my coffee. 

It has come to my attention recently that I am getting older. I realize this shouldn’t be some sort of magical revelation. People age, it’s kind of what we do. For me it didn’t really hit home that I was getting older until after I had the second baby. The first child was an avalanche of body differences mostly centered around baby weight, stretch marks, and things just not being where I left them. The second child has been a different matter all together.

After Kaitlyn all of me just feels more fragile and even more foreign than it did after Nathan. My bad shoulder that I hurt in my early 20s will now ache for no reason, when before it would only hurt when it rained. My knees crack when I walk up the stairs. My back hurts in the morning if I sleep the wrong way. Some of those physical differences are related to me jumping back into Judo with two feet but others were there before I added exercise back in.

The physical aches and pains are one thing but by far the most offensive reminder of the fact that I am A) aging and B) have two children both at difficult ages, are the gray hairs. It seems like when I brought Kaitlyn home from the hospital I also brought a few straggling gray hairs with me. At the time I didn’t think much of those strangers on top of my head. They seemed like  guests who would keep me company while I was up all night with a wakeful child. Instead they turned out to be the kind of guests you can never get out of your house. Then they add insult to injury by inviting all their friends over and throwing a kegger. God, those gray hairs are assholes.

The hairs seem to multiply daily and I’m at the point where I can’t quite decide if I want to start dying my hair again or if I want to let it go and rock the gray. On one hand I’m not even 30 yet so I feel almost obligated to dye away the offending locks. On the other hand I feel like I’ve earned those gray hairs. Each one represents a time when I’ve survived whatever evil the world has thrown at me be it job bullshit, sleep regressions, terrible twos, arguments with my husband. I almost don’t want to erase the daily reminders that I can deal with anything. These stupid little gray hairs are my war scars.

Have any of you out there gone gray early? Did you dye it away and try to forget or did you rock the gray and flip the bird to anyone who gave you shit about it? I’m also super curious if any of the men out there who went gray early colored their hair. What say you Internet? Tell me your tales of gray.


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4 Responses to Shades of Gray

  1. Toby says:

    I keep my hair short, but I still notice the grey hair scattered. However, I keep it around for the salt and pepper look as I hear it looks good on us guys. The time I got the most gray hair was when I was going through my divorce, but that is now over and noticed a lot less gray hair showing up. Sad part is that I am 30 and have been getting gray hairs for the past three or so years.

  2. I started going gray at 22. That shit did not play around, so I’ve been coloring my hair for a couple (18? wtf!? D:) years now. I fully admit to anyone who asks that I dye my hair and why I do it. I don’t feel old enough to have gray hair, so I don’t have gray hair – simple as that. Also, I’ve always played around with my hair color, so I let my hairdresser tin foil me up every couple of months and I never pick a shade. I just say, “do something edgy and fun.” And she does. I’m tempted every time to put in a blue or purple streak, but I’m too thoroughly infected with The Old and just can’t make myself do it.

  3. I started seeing gray hairs in my late 20s. I mostly plucked them out whenever one reared its ugly head. Ten years later, there’s too many to keep up with. I color my hair normally as my actual hair color is a dirty, ashy dark brown…so I color it to a nicer dark brown.

    With your hair color, you might be OK letting it go/blending in?

  4. Justin Last says:

    My head remains dark brown, but my facial hair is going. I think it looks neat so I let it go. Guys have it way easier here though, we get to look distinguished instead of gray.

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