One Cat Household

Clearly the terrible Vodka and I got off on the wrong foot. We are trying to start again tonight with specific rules in place. Rule 1: I will not drink very much of terrible Vodka in one sitting. Rule 2: I will not drink it while playing a video game. We agreed to those rules before dinner but I suspect one of us will break a rule at some point tonight. (Spoilers: I will probably drink the terrible Vodka while playing a video game.)

Now on to topics that don’t immediately trigger a migraine. Back a few months ago our household was reduced from one that included two adults, two kids, and two cats to a house with only one cat. I’m going to save you all the details, largely because I can’t talk about it without crying like a little goddamn child. It seems that our remaining fur baby is very happy being the sole pet of the house because she has largely acted the same after Sammy passed. The problem is that I don’t quite feel the same.

Miss you sweet girl.

Sammy got me through two pregnancies, the second of which was a horrible roller coaster of sickness and exhaustion. She snuggled with me while I held babies late into the night. She was a generally wonderful pet who was the happiest when she was curled up next to a human. Allie (our other cat) is a very sweet animal but she’s much more of a loner. She acts more like a typical cat who only wants human contact when she deems it acceptable.

I’ve been missing the companionship of an animal that wants to be close. One who wants to sit on your lap while you write or read. An animal that will let you cry into their fur when you have a bad day without running off to hide under the dining room table. I never thought myself much of a cat person but Sammy changed my mind. She was special.

Don and I have recently been discussing the idea of adding more pets to our household. Apparently we are bored what with the two needy children and one demanding cat we already have. This is largely because we are insane and hate ourselves. Or because we enjoy a challenge in our lives. Whatever.

Originally I wanted to get a dog but with the kids being small still and a slew of traveling that we still want to do that doesn’t seem like the best option. What we’ve settled on is more cats. Don is insistent that we get kittens because obviously we need more small things that we have to teach to urinate in the correct location. It’s cool I totally don’t mind teaching kittens where to pee while I try to convince a toddler that the potty is not a scary contraption bent on eating his boy parts.

I suspect in the next 6 months we’ll go through the process of calling our vet and stalking pet stores trying to find a kitten that will fit into our lives. What will inevitably happen is we will get two kittens at the same time. This is for two reasons: 1. We will be guilted into it by adoption people and 2. It is pretty well proven that having two kittens takes some of the stress off the older cat in the household.

All of this hinges upon us finding cats of the right age that appear to have the right temperament. This is where I ask you fine folks for a little insight. Have any of you folks out there gone looking to adopt a young kitten? Where did you look? I’d love to give some animals a good home but I’ve always had dogs and I have no idea where to even start looking.


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2 Responses to One Cat Household

  1. Melissa says:

    Gracie was a shelter cat – the Morris Animal Shelter in Philly to be specific. She was already a year old though.

    Pixel was found in a parking lot near the Apple Store when he was a kitten.

    I’ve had almost exclusively shelter cats and strays we’ve taken in. Petsmart is a good place to get shelter cats too.

  2. Justin Last says:

    Mine come from finding them on the street with no tags or the humane society. And now that I’m thinking about adoptable animals I hvae that Sarah McLachlan song in my head and it’s making me all misty-eyed. Thanks a lot!

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