Case of the Mondays

You’ll have to excuse the lack of  originality in this post title. It’s Monday morning and I’ve only had four cups of coffee, which is far from enough to allow for hilarious creativity.

I’m sure many of you share my obvious disdain for Monday mornings. I find the most difficult part about Monday is not the fact that I have to be up early for work (because babies get up at 5am every day!) but instead the shift in routine. Over the course of the weekend I get used to the flow of life at home with the kids and that makes Monday jarring. Come Monday I have to get adjusted to the flow of the workweek, which includes splitting my time and resources between my kids and my job. I also have to use a ridiculous amount of energy trying not to beat the stupid out of people. Seriously, that is the most mentally demanding thing I do most days. It is EXHAUSTING to not smack every stupid person I encounter upside his or her head (spoilers: I encounter a lot of stupid people).

This weekend has been particularly difficult to come back from partially due to the fact that it was extended (Don and I both took off Friday) and partially because it feels like it was chock full of kid based awesomeness. Allow me to bore you with the accomplishments/cuteness of my spawn.

  1. The baby can now creep forward. She gets up on her hands and knees and then kind of lunges herself forward onto her belly. She then proceeds to do this repeatedly until she reaches her target object. Upon reaching said object she promptly shoves it in her mouth. My phone will never be the same again. This whole process reminds me of zombies that have had their legs cut off. It is both disturbing and highly entertaining.
  2. I snuggled up with Nathan for the second half of his nap yesterday. When he woke up he looked over at me and stuck his left fist out and quietly whispered “Mommy, fistbump.” It was maybe the cutest thing I have seen in recent memory.
  3. The baby has decided that if a person has a face that is not the same as mine, Don’s, Nathan’s, Sarah’s (our Nanny), or Allie (our cat), she will throw out her best pout before promptly screaming her fool head off. We never dealt with such intense stranger anxiety with Nathan so I was a little unprepared for this type of business. Hopefully it will pass soon because I’m fairly certain my parents are permanently scared.
  4. Nathan has become completely obsessed with Matchbox cars. The negatives of this are obvious. Cars are all over my house and it hurts like a BITCH to step on one of those things in the dark. The positive of this is those cars are $0.97 each and they serve as the best rewards in the entire world for good behavior for example, being nice to the baby instead of trying to bludgeon her to death.

Most of the rest of our weekend was uneventful. We ate food, we watched football, we drank things, we played with the kids, and we went to Target. I also sent Don to the liquor store at one point because we needed more wine and more vodka. I left him with zero instruction as to the type of vodka to purchase. He came home with something so terrifying I’m not even sure what to say. I will let this picture speak for itself. I’m going out on a limb and saying I’ll bet there is nothing about this Vodka that America should be proud of. I’ll let you guys know if I go completely blind when I drink it.


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Mom, engineer, writer, gamer, gym rat. Ain't nobody got time for excuses.
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2 Responses to Case of the Mondays

  1. When I think of “America”, I don’t think of “vodka.” I hope you don’t go blind, because then you wouldn’t be able to blog!

    Also, the legless zombie reference made me snort. 🙂

    • Elaine says:

      Well, I drank the vodka last night and managed to keep my eyesight. I do have a wicked hangover today though. I may have to stab my husband for buying this evil shit. I’m not going to waste it but I will be bitching about it to him every step of the way 😉

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