The one where I remember I have a job

I have officially completed my first full week back at work. It was….well not as bad as I expected honestly. I had a very hard time on Monday morning and spent most of my five minute commute blubbering in the car but every morning got easier and by today I was no longer in danger of dehydrating myself by crying. Part of what is helping is this baby is just so laid back I don’t worry about other people watching her. The other thing that helps tremendously is I am already incredibly busy at work.

I’ve got lots of projects to work on and my brain is fairly consistently being taxed so I don’t have a ton of time to consider what is going on with the kids at every minute in the day. I also get to eat lunch with utensils and the use of both hands. I forgot how awesome that was. I got to eat a burrito this week! Also, salad because I am healthy (spoilers: it had steak on it).

It seems that both children are plagued by a summer cold which means I am constantly realizing either my shirt (baby) or my pants (toddler) are streaked with someone else’s snot. Being a mother is so glamorous. Luckily the cold doesn’t seem to be bothering either kid enough to morph them into a screeching, feral, animal.

In other, non child, related news Amazon is now stocking the Nest thermostat. I have been coveting this thing for quite some time and now that I can buy it tax free and with free two day shipping I am seriously considering pulling the trigger. Essentially it learns your habits over a period of a few weeks of observing how you set temperatures and then automatically adjusts itself accordingly. It can download current weather information via WiFi and also be programmed remotely via iOS and Android apps. By what I’ve read it’s not perfect but it is being fairly consistently improved via firmware updates.

I searched for HAL 9000 and Nest and this is what I found. I love you Internet, never change.

My only great fear is it is secretly HAL. I secretly worry that it will one day lock all my doors and refuse to set the temperature in the house to a reasonable setting. I can just hear it saying “I’m sorry, I can’t let you do that Elaine” every time I try to set the temp to 70 degrees. Don’t tell my husband about this fear. He will likely call me ridiculous and then crush my soul by telling me he’s never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey. I really don’t want to get divorced this summer.

I’m curious if anyone out there owns a Nest and how they feel about it. If you know someone who has one or has used one tell them to come and post and learn me. I need to be learned up real nice about this sexy thermostat before I do something crazy like buy one.


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