Babies to the left of me, Toddlers to the right…

Here I am, stuck in the middle with you. I really couldn’t help myself. Once I heard that song this morning I was going to have to use a lyric from it somewhere or it would eat away at my brain all day.

This weekend seemed like an amusement park ride. Saturday I was stuck in the middle of a slightly cranky, gassy, baby and a very temper tantrum prone toddler. Nathan was pretty much pissed off about everything all day and it was bad enough I was starting to suspect the mild cold he has was turning itself into yet another ear infection. My wonderful husband was awesome enough to bring him to the doctor while I managed the cranky baby with all the farts. Honestly this kid adds a new category to the three basics of baby. Usually you expect babies to eat, sleep, and poop. This kid adds a fourth category just for farts. It’s ridiculous. Also, kind of hilarious.

As it turns out Nathan’s ears were fine and the doctor didn’t see any second year molars working their way up but the way my kid has been rubbing at his jaw I imagine there is at least some pain going on from those infernal teeth moving up. By the end of Saturday I was exhausted and beat down by the combination of my children and their bodily issues.

I think perhaps they both knew that Don and I were in need of a serious break. The baby slept like 5 hours without demanding a feeding. Then she was a pretty little princess all day Sunday with minimal farts and no crankiness. On top of that Nathan was the most pleasant that he has been since the baby came home from the hospital. Sunday was a gift. A gift that my liver appreciates because more wine was becoming a bad idea.

This weekend did prove one thing to both Don and myself. We can totally handle a bad day for both of our children without losing our fool minds. It helped that we had wine in the house. It also helped that my engagement ring fits again and I’m down a pants size. It is all about the little things right now people.


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