Rashes can sometimes be hilarious…sometimes

As of early this week Nathan has officially had three viruses. To be more clear it’s three viruses, since October 27th. Yeah you read that correctly. Three viruses in less than a month. Have a mentioned how awesome it is to have a kid who goes to daycare? So awesome (SPOILER: NOT AWESOME AT FUCKING ALL).

The first plague that fell upon our house was a mild head cold that resulted in me being sick for a few days and Nathan getting an ear infection. The second virus was a chest cold that had Nathan wheezing and popping a second ear infection and me fighting a horrendous cough THAT IS STILL HANGING AROUND.

Note: I get a little caps lock happy on Friday evenings. I can’t help myself. It’s fun.

The most recent virus was the most nefarious of the three. I ended up getting this evil thing first and my OB made me to go the hospital to be tested for Strep throat. The test ended up coming back negative but I was pretty sick for the better part of three days. A little over a week later Nathan got this evil plague and ran a mild fever and was generally a miserable human for about 48 hours. Once he recovered he went back to daycare.

About 36 hours after the fever went away my son broke out in a crazy looking rash pretty much all over. The best way to describe it is super small pimply bumps. I knew right away that the rash was viral (likely Roseola) and actually meant he wasn’t contagious anymore so I sent him to daycare and didn’t think twice about it.

If you ever want to see a collection of adults simultaneously get very nervous watch the reaction of caregivers to a Roseola rash. It’s a really common childhood virus so I figured no one would pay the rash any mind at all but man did that thing make people nervous, especially the other parents. I’m not going to lie to you folks, I laughed in my car on the way to work. I’m mean like that.

After the way this last month has played out I’m bracing myself for the worst of virus season. Nathan still seems to get just about every cold that comes our way and with my imune system being horrendous I’m sure to be sick all winter too. The worst part about being sick and pregnant is not being able to take Nyquil. Damn this parasite taking away my favorite medication!

Have any of you folks already succumb to the nasty cold going around? Do you have any suggestions for treating a cough that do not involve heavy medication? I still haven’t found a gentle remedy that isn’t complete horse shit so I’m open to suggestions.


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5 Responses to Rashes can sometimes be hilarious…sometimes

  1. Scott Jacobs says:

    I actually had what is apparently called the Neck Flu about two weeks ago. I couldn’t turn my head, or tilt my head, for like 4 days. And random joints hurt, like my left big toe, and my right ankle, and my thumbs…

    And I only had like a 100.5 fever for like 2 or 3 days.

    It just plain sucked balls. I couldn’t even grab stuff off my nightstand, because I couldn’t turn my head to increase my peripheral vision (you never think about it, but apparently I constantly make little turns of the head so I can better “see” stuff I am reaching for).

    Oh, and I had a massive, massive headache for the entire 5 or so day period. Like, massive, throbbing pain that flared when I moved my head at all. Thank god I didn’t cough or sneeze more than a couple dozen times each. Because fuck, it was murder. And nothing (well, narcotics might have, but I didn’t have any) would touch any of the pain. Not a single thing. Not nyquil, not aspirin, not Excedrin, not aleve, nothing.

    And sleeping. Yeah, not so much. With the neck pain, it was nearly impossible to get comfortable. I finally resorted to ibprfin PM just so I would pass out and get a few hours.

    So if you are ever given the choice between whatever the fuck I had and death, opt for the sweet release of death.

  2. atc1982 says:

    For a cold I would say lots of warm tea with honey and chicken soup broth … Or at least that is what my mother preaches and seems to work …. Also you may want to try the Halls Vitamin C drops which are good for you as well … Vitamin C =’s could stopper ….

  3. atc1982 says:

    I mean cold stopper …way to early this morning

  4. barbex says:

    But! Just think how awesomely hardcore trained your immune system will be in the future! After going through the Kindergarten pest with two kids for years now I hardly get sick anymore.
    Trust me, Nathan will be resistant to anything that school will throw at him after the Daycare training!

    As for remedies, …. well, keep warm, keep hydrated and get your mum to make you real, homemade chickensoup from an organic chicken. That stuff is magic!

  5. Heather says:

    Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


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