I Saw the Sign

First, I’m sorry. I knew exactly what I was doing with that title. I knew it would fuck your whole day up because you would not be able to get the song out of your head. There’s just one thing I have to know. Did it open up your eyes?

These motherfuckers have seen The Sign. You could probably say it opened up their eyes.

(Fuck, I did it again. I’m sorry twice)

Hopefully all of you out there in Internet land are having a lovely weekend (with an extra day off if you happen to live in the States). Casa Stryker is still in the grips of a pint sized dictator. Nathan remains cranky, not sleeping, teething, and developing. Oh friends, the developing.

Out of nowhere on Saturday Nathan busted out the sign for “more”. He then proceeded to make that sign every time he wanted more of something. More Thomas episodes on TV? Sign. More Yogurt Melts? Sign. He was blowing our minds. I also discovered he knew the signs for “all done” as well as “milk”.

This shouldn’t come as a surprised to me considering I know his daycare teaches sign language to all the kids. I suppose I just expected that he would never use it. He’s not the kind of kid who does things just to do them and I just expected he wouldn’t bother with sign language and would continue to just be pissed off at not being able to communicate with us. I really should just get used to not knowing what to expect with this kid. Every time I think I have him pegged he switches shit up and forces me to make my “WTF” face.

(Spoiler: It’s a funny face)

The one benefit of this sign business is that I know he’s 1) able to learn it and 2) able to use it to eliminate a small (very small) part of his current frustration. Until this child speaks I am going to milk this sign language business for all it’s worth.

Beyond that one development most of our time has been spent wrangling the dictator and trying to figure out exactly what it is he is trying to tell us. I mean I know his mouth hurts, he’s got one molar working its way in and an incisor that cut the gum but it still bleeding every once in a while. I’ll likely get the incisor checked out to make sure it isn’t something nefarious. It’s likely just his gums being a hot mess from all the sharp things assaulting that soft tissue on a daily basis.

Hopefully once this developmental crap subsides and the teeth make their way in we’ll get some relief up in here. For now I’m going to self medicate with cupcakes. That makes me wonder if Wegman’s cupcakes are any good….sorry pregnant part of brain took control.

Speaking of gestating, I have a doctor’s appointment this Thursday morning. I should get to hear a heartbeat which never ceases to rock my world. I’ll be about 16 weeks pregnant on Sunday the 11th and I’ve officially entered the part of my pregnancy where I do not throw up when I smell things. I am also hungry all.the.time. I can get behind these kinds of pregnancy symptoms. The constant hurling and bone crushing exhausting was not cool. Actually the exhaustion continues but that’s partially due to growing a small person and partially due to chasing a small person.


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4 Responses to I Saw the Sign

  1. Scott Jacobs says:

    Two things…

    One – No… No you aren’t sorry. Not yet at least. πŸ™‚

    Two – http://theoatmeal.com/pl/minor_differences4/kids

  2. Carolyn says:

    Goddammit. As soon as I read the blog title, that song got stuck in my head. Thankfully I have an endless playlist of Queen on Spotify to eradicate it (ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! HOOAH).

    That just blows my mind that they can teach sign language to kids before they can speak. I can imagine it’s great to know what they’re thinking/wanting…but still. Weirdness.

    Also, re: Scott’s #2 post above: *SNORT* (falls off chair laughing)

  3. atc1982 says:

    If you want many cupcakes thinkgeek.com has a cupcake maker that takes 6 minutes for the perfect mini cupcakes … SO you can have many tiny one’s an not feel guilty … πŸ™‚

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