Things Have Gotten Real

I’m sure by now you folks are all tired of my incessant bitching but unfortunately I am not out of things to bitch about. When last I bitched I told a tale of the horrible nature of teething. Things have gotten far more complicated since Monday.

In the last few weeks during this molar cutting business the worst problem we’ve had is that Nathan has been getting up early. Well, last night he decided to throw a monkey wrench all up in that shit. I was awoken by screaming (oh so much screaming) at 2am. My husband, the saint that he is, told me to stay in bed and he would wrangle Nathan for the rest of the night so I could rest. Nathan apparently did not want to fall back to sleep until like 5am and then he stayed snuggled up with my husband until around 630. Needless to say no one had a particularly fun night.

Part of this is definitely the molars but there are some signs that this could be something far more sinister than just new pearly whites. You see Nathan is 72 weeks old which means he is due for the 18 month sleep regression. The name of this particular evil phase is a bit of a misnomer seeing as how it usually starts around 17 months. For those not up on your week/month child conversion math, Nathan is about 17 months old.

Between his age and the sudden explosion of new sounds coming from his cute, little mouth, I suspect this sleep business is linked to development as much as it is to teeth. The bad news about this is the sleep will likely be shitty for a while. The good news is we will likely have some real words out of him very soon.

Our particular strategy for this mess is just to do whatever we can to get everyone in the house the most rest possible. My husband remains concerned that I get enough rest so he wants to try to handle this himself as much as he can. I’m pushing back against that because it’s going to wreck him. We’ll see how long this drama goes on but we’ll likely be the thick of this for at least a few more weeks.

You know what the best part about all of this insanity is? I get to do this entire thing again starting in the end of February. We are out of our goddamn minds.


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One Response to Things Have Gotten Real

  1. Iā€™m sure by now you folks are all tired of my incessant bitching but unfortunately I am not out of things to bitch about.

    Actually – and please take this in the most complementary way possible – I enjoy reading about what REALLY happens when you have children. I’ve never had children, and I’ve made the decision not to have children (I think I’ve given it more consideration than people who have had children!). I empathize immensely with the struggles, and ultimately, you two are fan-fucking-tastic parents. It also makes me realize 1) I’m so glad I don’t have kids and 2) that I couldn’t handle it.

    You’re amazing having two under (almost) 2yrs! My mom had 3 under the age of three…when I asked her why, she said “I must’ve been insane.” šŸ™‚

    Hope Nathan, in his tiny little chunky man brain, gives you two a break, at least for one night.

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