The One Where Toddlers are Insane

I know what you guys are thinking.  You’re thinking “where the fuck have you been?” Look, it’s kind of a long story and I’ll explain it soon I promise.  It’s been the perfect storm of family stuff, work nightmares, demon toddler, and miscellaneous other shit.

First, a few quick updates.  My grandmother is doing very well.  She’s home from the care facility and her use of the arm she broke is pretty good.  There’s a physical therapist coming to my parent’s house a few times a week and my grandmother is going to be evaluated by a speech therapist. The speech evaluation is because the doctors determined she’s had multiple strokes not just the one we knew about that happened about 10 years ago.

While my grandmother being well is a great thing what I really wanted to write about is my child.  I love Nathan, I really do with my whole heart but this child is going to make me lose my goddamn mind.  He is now 16 months old and he has entered that toddler stage where he knows when he is getting into mischief and thinks it’s hilarious.  I’m not going to lie some of the things he does are kind of hilarious but don’t tell him I said that.  He must never know or he will have all the power.

His development has kind of exploded over the last four days.  His babble has evolved into something that is sounding very purposeful and right on the verge of actual words.  He doesn’t say a lot of words right now.  He understands well over 50 words but feels no need to actually speak them himself.  I’m not particularly worried about this fact for a few reasons.  One, he’s a boy and they tend to be late talkers especially in my family.  Two, he’s incredibly social and has no other red flag sign of a spectral disorder.  Three, he does everything when he goddamn pleases thank you very much.

The only thing related to the speech that had been giving me pause was his incredibly picky eating.  For a while it seemed related to texture and that had me a bit concerned when combined with the limited words.  The eating issue aggressively resolved itself over the last few days.  This kid has consumed like 7 new foods in four days including weird shit like cottage cheese which is a textural nightmare.  Just tonight he ate approximately a quarter pint of blueberries, a food he wouldn’t go near last week.  He popped those little suckers in his mouth one after another, smiling with that tell-tale purple grin in between bites.  It.was.fucking.awesome.

Nathan is now 100% interested in whatever we are eating which is a nice change from his previous desire to only consume cheese sandwiches, yogurt, applesauce, and Nutrigrain bars.  Needless to say that little food snob got a multivitamin every day.

What’s come along with all of this development is a sudden and violent resistance to bed time.  Has anyone with a toddler dealt with this as well?  Nathan has been a good sleep for about the last 7 months.  He would go down in his crib still awake and talk to himself or play if he didn’t want to sleep right away.  Now he screams bloody murder about 30 minutes after we put him down for the night.  It doesn’t happen every night, just when he isn’t tired enough to crash right away.

It seems like his brain is in overdrive from the trying to talk and new food exploration and he just can’t wind down.  Tonight I ended up just getting him back up but eventually it was clear that he was exhausted and just didn’t want to sleep and miss things.  I put him in bed and he got pissed for a good 15 minutes before he finally crashed out.  It was a less than fun evening especially considering it’s the one night of the week that my husband goes out.

If you’ve had a kid who dealt with this weird sleep disruption let me know.  I’m interested to see how you handled it, when it started/stopped, and what kind of new skills your kid acquired after it was over.  For now I’m going to lay down and read and dream of the peaceful times when bedtime wasn’t a full on WWE match with a 27 lb little person.


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3 Responses to The One Where Toddlers are Insane

  1. Scott Jacobs says:

    There’s always putting a shot of bourbon in a glass of warm milk…

    That, or sound-proof his room.


  2. My mom must have loved me – I didn’t nap, however, I was passed out asleep well before my bedtime. Hope it resolves fast!

    Also, get a snap of the blueberry smile!

  3. I know when my daughter was younger about your son’s age … Made sure not to feed her anything a few hours before bed time … My ex-wife would rest with her till she fell sleep and snuck out of the room so our child would be comfortable … Good Luck ..

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