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Constant Flux

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you that when you have children nothing is ever a given. One day you have a demon child who will not cooperate and throws a steady stream of tantrums over nothing. … Continue reading

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Storms of Many Different Varieties

I’m not going to beat around the bush here folks, there is some SHIT going down here in NJ. I’m partly referring to the epic hurricane which is going to pass right through the area and likely down our power … Continue reading

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Things Have Gotten Real

I’m sure by now you folks are all tired of my incessant bitching but unfortunately I am not out of things to bitch about. When last I bitched I told a tale of the horrible nature of teething. Things have … Continue reading

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The Joys of Teething…Again

Have my posts about teething scared you away from ever having children? Or, if you already have kids, are you having post traumatic stress style flashbacks of your own teething nightmares? (Bonus points if your flashbacks are in black and … Continue reading

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12 Weeks (and a little change)

I’m very aware that most of you already know that I’m pregnant but status updates on Facebook can’t exactly be saved for posterity so I decided to start writing about this pregnancy here. As I go along I will likely … Continue reading

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The One Where Toddlers are Insane

I know what you guys are thinking.  You’re thinking “where the fuck have you been?” Look, it’s kind of a long story and I’ll explain it soon I promise.  It’s been the perfect storm of family stuff, work nightmares, demon … Continue reading

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