Yesterday Nathan woke up running a mild fever.  This has happened before and in the past a dose of Tylenol or Motrin has knocked out the fever and kept it away.  I suspect these random fevers were just a symptom of teething which he does not handle particularly well.  So, with that bit of past information I gave him Tylenol and we went about our day.  He seemed fine in the morning, ate breakfast and then went down for his first nap.

After that first nap everything changed.  He woke up running a 103 degree fever and that was taken in his ear.  I spent the next 5 hours fighting to get some control of his temperature.  I tried every trick I had ever learned and nothing could get his temperature below 101 and then it would immediately jump back up.  Motrin was controlling the temperature for less than 2 hours and he was so upset.  At 5pm we bit the bullet and took him to the ER to have him looked at.

When the triage nurse took his temperature it was 104.2.  They tried to give him Tylenol orally and he threw it up all over me.  Side note: this was the first time he honest to god threw up on me and Jesus Christ it was not fun.  I almost threw up on him out of retaliation.  If he wasn’t running a 104 degree fever I probably would have.  I ended up in a patient shirt and nurses kept asking me if I was allowed to drink things or be out of my room.  It was less than awesome.

The next few hours went pretty quick.  They got a good dose of Tylenol in him via suppository (I consider this my revenge for the hurling incident.  Yes I’m a terrible mother).  Within about 1.5 hours his temperature was down and his vitals were good.  A test for strep came up negative and we could go home.  The whole day was terrifying.  I have never managed a fever that high and he’s just so young to be so sick.  The thing that surprised me so much about the entire incident is that I managed to keep my cool the entire time we were in the ER.  He screamed when they took his temp and I held him calmly.  I didn’t freak out when he threw up on me.  I held him while the doctor checked his throat and ears.  I didn’t cry.  I didn’t leave the room.  I didn’t lose my shit.

I’m not known for being a calm person especially when something happens to my son.  I finally feel like when something goes down I can be calm and assertive when it really counts.  I can use my brain enough to ask the right questions, to do the right things, to be there and make him feel calmer because I’m calm.  That feeling is incredible.  After the last few days of insecurity I feel stronger.  I feel like I do know what’s best and how to get there.  I feel like his mother and everyone else who thinks I’m doing the wrong things can kiss my ass.

Nathan’s fever broke last night.  I gave him Motrin as a piggy back to his Tylenol.  The way to do this is to wait a few hours after the Tylenol and then give the Motrin before it completely wears off.  I NEVER do this but the doctors recommended it for this fever because usually you can break a stubborn, high fever with this method (Seriously never do this unless talking to your doc first).  He woke up this morning normal temp and so far it hasn’t elevated again.  His throat is bugging him and he’s a little tired and fussy but we survived the worst of it.  This won’t be our last illness and it may not even be the worst illness but we’ll survive.  I’ll survive.


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