The One Where I Ramble

I was clearly feeling all insecure and ridiculous yesterday and you guys dropped a live grenade of happy comments on this blog.  That’s the kind of grenade I’m down with.  There are not enough thank yous in the world for how you collectively made me feel yesterday.  By the time I went to bed my calm had come back and some of my mommy confidence returned.  This sense of what my child should be doing is clearly ridiculous and I appreciate all of you pointing that out for me.  I honestly don’t know why I get so wrapped up in this business.

I wish mothering could be less of a competition and more of a support group.  Unless you have a team of nannies, cooks, and personal trainers available to you this shit is hard work.  Instead of comparing when our child slept through the night, bragging about them clearly being able to distinguish Mozart from Vivaldi, or informing me your child has been speaking four languages since they were one week old, perhaps we should be supporting each other.  Commiserate instead of compare people!  At the very least recommend me an awesome new cocktail if you are going to pelt me with your bullshit.

I don’t have too much exciting business to report here right now.  Nathan ate a cereal bar yesterday.  That was pretty cool to watch.  I gave him the first little piece and then he proceeded to snatch every other piece I pulled off so quickly that I thought he might dislocated one of my fingers in the process.  Have I mentioned this child is strong?  He’s like a little sumo wrestler, chunky, strong and not afraid to show off his butt if given the opportunity.  Side note: have you ever seen a baby crawl around naked? It is the most hilarious thing in the world!  Well, at least until they pee on your floor.

In non baby butt news, Nathan will be a year old in just over 2 weeks.  This is blowing my freakin’ mind.  I still vividly remember those weeks at home with him and how small and similar to a sack of potatoes he was.  Now I have this crawling baby with the biggest personality in the world.  He spits out Cheerios (because he hates them), blows raspberries, spits carrots on my shirt (stain stick FTFW!), pulls all the DVDs out of the upstairs entertainment center, opens and closes all our cabinets, and grabs the cats while screaming “DA DA DA DA DA!!!!”.  He has finally started sleeping and wakes up instantly insistent that we attend to him immediately.  I love this little person endlessly and I can’t wait to see what he becomes.


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