Sometimes I Have No Idea What to Write About

I’ve been staring at a new post for like 15 minutes now.  A new post feels like unlimited opportunities but at the same time WHAT DO I WRITE ABOUT?!  My brain doesn’t handle having too many choices well.  What ends up coming out is rambly silliness.  Hey guys guess what you’re going to get to read today!

Nathan is a moving beast.  He’s right on the verge of walking but the anger associated with this developmental milestone is much more manageable than when he was at the crawling stage.  When he was trying to crawl he had no alternate form of movement and jesus was he pissed about that.  He would complain loudly at his inability to move and I would have to make with the moving or the yelling would continue until he burst into flames (combustible babies are scary yo).  Now that he can crawl the walking isn’t as big a deal.  He cruises all over the house but he isn’t quite read to let go and balance on his own.  I’m not in a rush.  Walking babies are terrifying.

The other current interesting trend in our household is Nathan’s interest in food.  This morning he ate half a banana before his usual cereal+fruit breakfast.  He eats pieces of peaches and munches on Cheerios.  He’s starting to get interested in foods he can pick up and eat himself which puts me at a total goddamn loss as to what to feed this kid.  Right now I just kind of stick to offering him bits of what I’m eating (as long as it’s baby friendly).  I also got the ok from the doctor to give him eggs and start giving him some milk in place of the formula.  All of this is super exciting but also sad.  Like dude where is my baby going?!  Who is this little boy living in my house?!

Given the state of baby eating in our house we are trying to eat better ourselves to start setting the right example.  I dropped almost all the processed food from my diet (except for the alcohol because honestly, fuck that it’s staying).  I’m trying to convince my wonderful husband to eat a little better because he is one of those dudes who skips meals and then inhales a bunch of shit when he inevitably is starving later.  Good things were purchased at the grocery store this morning.  I think a lemon and rosemary roasted chicken is in store for dinner tonight.

Do you see the rambly goodness you got today?  DO YOU SEE IT?!  I think tomorrow I’ll start to grace you with the tale of my son’s sleep struggles.  Why must babies make that one thing complicated?  I mean honestly kid I need rest to deal with your crankenbaby shit during the day.  I will likely subject you all to a letter to my son on his one year birthday as well.  I know that’s cliché and annoying but I just can’t help myself.  MY BABY IS GROWING UP!

This post brought to you by caps lock.


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