State of the Household

It’s been a while since I last wrote here.  Part of the reason for the radio silence is that my job has gotten increasingly busy in the last few months.  I seem to have very little mental energy in the evenings for anything but sitting slack-jawed in front of my television.  I occasionally save a little energy for drinking or maybe even drooling while watching the TV.  The other reason for my lack of energy to post is that I felt like I was about to go down a long dark path where I all did was bitch about how difficult things were or how hard my life was.  I don’t want to make this blog about that and it really just isn’t true.  I was feeling particularly exhausted and vulnerable and as a function of that I was kind of a whiny bitch.  Instead of go down that road I decided just to stop posting until I could get my proverbial shit together.

On the plus side I’m feeling much more positive about things now.  Nathan is 11 months old.  Planning for a celebration of us surviving his first year has started.  He is celebrating this milestone early by beginning the toddler temper tantrums and generating new teeth.  He has a very hard life you see.  In addition to those difficult things he’s almost walking and trying to talk at the same time so it’s an explosion of baby development up in our house right now.

One of the more amazing developments though is the emergence of sleep patterns that make some goddamn sense.  Don and I have had a long hard road with Nathan’s sleep and I do want to tell you all about that but I feel like it needs its own series of posts.  The short version is, he was a really shitty sleeper until recently.  Around 10 months we started changing some of our habits and instituting some new sleep routines.  This made for a miserable week followed by an almost immediate overall improvement.  The better sleep stayed even through an illness and a new tooth.  I think this has less to do with what we changed as parents and more to do with his age and development.  He’s just ready to sleep differently now.

Nathan’s sleep improvement has actually changed things for all of us.  Don and I are happier, we bicker over dumb things far less, and we have more energy to deal with challenging toddler-like behavior.  Nathan is overall more energetic and so much more pleasant around bedtime because I feel less like I need to prepare for a 10 round MMA fight and more like a mother putting her son to sleep.  Even my overall road rage is improved.  SLEEP IS LIKE A MIRACLE DRUG.

I’ll expound on our sleep journey over the course of the next week or two for anyone interested.  For now that is your baby update.  Now back to Johnny in the studio.


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One Response to State of the Household

  1. Kevin Ayers says:

    Welcome back to the interwebs (says the guy who never posts anything…)! I’m glad to hear that all is well and YAY for 2nd annual baby celebration!

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