I Wrote Something Else First

I started a post about my son’s sleep habits but I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it.  It might be that I’m tired or maybe it’s that I’m not ready to open that can of shitstorm worms just yet.  Instead I will update you on my son’s move to the next baby room and other EXCITING DEVELOPMENTS in infant growth.

Nathan is being transitioned to the next room over the next 2 weeks a fact I believe I told you in a previous post.  For the last two days he has spent an hour in the new room each day and it is actually going well.  He plays really well with the toys and other babies in there and seems to like the women in the room.  Hopefully this is good mojo and that business will continue and there will be happiness and destruction in his next play space.

In more exciting baby developments Nathan has figured out how to put food items into his mouth all by himself.  This is huge because I was actually concerned by the fact that the kid puts nothing in his mouth.  NOTHING.  I mean he’s a baby for christ sakes shouldn’t everything go into his face hole?  Well over the weekend he would willingly take a baby puff from my hand and shove it into his mouth. Sure he missed a bunch of times and a few of them ended up in his ear but still he was doing it!  Yesterday and today he has figured out that he can pick those food items up off the tray himself and eat them.  This started out with various baby branded, cereal like items.  Today he decided that he wanted some banana.  It was more like “YO MOM WHY ARE YOU EATING THAT DELCIOUS BANANA WHILE I EAT THIS RUBBISH OFF A BABY SPOON?  GIVE ME NOW!”  Yeah that sounds about right.  So I had to share my morning banana with him.  Sharing was demanded of me.  Loudly.  I was happy to oblige.

This is so exciting because it was probably my biggest concern up until this point.  Next we must tackle a sippy cup.  After the cup has been mastered we will lose the bottle.  Shit is truly getting real up in here.  This baby is growing up and nothing will stand in his way.  Destruction and bananas for everyone!


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