Moving Up

Today was a particularly torturous day for me at work so instead of stay and allow myself to be consumed by the frustration of it all I decided to leave early.  I packed up some work that I can do over the weekend to make up the time and I headed to daycare to get my son.  Nathan was sleeping when I got there to pick him up at 3:30 which is kind of amazing because for the last two weeks naps have not been his favorite pass time.  Instead he would rather play and crawl under and around every piece of furniture in the place.

While the baby finished up his nap I acquired his bag and his extra bottle and went and grabbed his daily sheet from the wall.  With his sheet sat a package of papers exclaiming that Nathan was ready to move up to the next infant room.  For background our daycare has three rooms for infants.  Little babies start out in Infant A and when they are in the stage where they are about to get mobile they get transferred over to Infant B (where Nathan is currently).  When they start standing up and moving enough that B starts to get small they transition over to Infant C.  After this comes the room for toddlers which they head to when they can walk steadily.

So over the next two weeks Nathan will be transitioning from Infant B to Infant C.  They do this transition slowly and depending on how it goes I may ask for an extra week just because he’s going through a bit of a separation anxiety phase right now.  This is actually affecting not only his time at home and his nights but also his time at daycare because he is very attached to the woman who runs Infant B.  I’m going to call her Nancy (that is not her actual name).  Nancy might be one of my favorite people in the entire world.  She has boundless patience and the most wonderful demeanor.  In her we have found a babysitter for life.  Part of my concern about him leaving B is that he will be leaving her.  I like the ladies over in Infant C well enough but they are not Nancy.  I guess it’s not just Nathan that is attached to her.

I know one of the facts of life and especially of children is that things change.  I know this.  In my brain I know this.  The thing about this that I think is tripping me up is that Infant C is where babies start walking.  Walking.  My baby.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when that happens.  I’ll be excited about it sure but it’s also kind of sad because it means he’s growing up.  No amount of sleepless nights will make me want to rush him to grow up.  I want to freeze time right here forever, while he’s still my baby.  He’s going to eventually grow up to not need me as much and to be more independent.  I suppose this is why people have more than one child.  Eventually all children grow up and having a baby around is like nothing else.

My sadness about him getting any bigger than he is now is probably an easy clue that I want more kids.  How many more I’m really not sure honestly.  I know I don’t feel done right now.  I want to have at least one more.  Then I want to see how I feel I guess.  Am I done with the baby times and ready to have only bigger kids or will I still pine for one more baby before I leave all of that behind me.  Time is going to answer that just like time will tell how Nathan does over in Infant C.  I have a feeling he is going to handle this transition much better than I am.


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One Response to Moving Up

  1. Justin says:

    I’m terrified for when my kids start moving. Hell, it bums me out that they’re flipping over (although one of my girls does it backwards – she’s all about the back to belly rollover but doesn’t want to tackle the easier belly to back rollover).

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