Dimensions and Statistics

I brought the baby for his 9 month well visit today.  This is by far my favorite well visit to date for one simple reason, no immunizations.  As for his statistics, Nathan is 22.5lbs, 27.25 inches.  This fits right in line with his personal growth curves so far and the doctor is pretty pleased with that.  I asked a slew of questions at this visit, something I don’t often do, and that’s mostly because we don’t see the doctor again until 12 months and there a bunch of things that kind of need to be set in motion before that point.  A good example is transitioning to whole milk.  I also had all sorts of questions about language development as well as the fact that my child doesn’t put anything he picks up in his mouth including food.

I was relieved that the good doctor wasn’t horrifically concerned about the self feeding business.  He told me to keep offering and when I’m least expecting it he’ll just start putting the food in his mouth himself.  Did any of you guys have babies that were late to self feed?  I mean I can see how he wouldn’t be in a real rush to do this.  He’s kind of busy working on other things like figuring out how to cruise and perfecting his technique of pulling up on ANYTHING.  Language has also kind of exploded for him recently.  His babbling sounds almost purposeful, like he’s having a long involved conversation with the thing he is talking to at that moment.

The thing that is so difficult about baby growth and development is that it’s so varied.  It seems like for every skill there is a huge range of time in which they are expected to learn it and a good percentage of kids even fall outside of the ranges and grow up to be perfectly healthy and normal.  This serves to give first time parents like me the beginning of an ulcer (which will likely be brought to maturity when he starts walking and falling).  I’m sure that once we get past the big hurdles like walking and talking my worry about these things will kind of slow down.  I also suspect the second child will get none of this worry because I’ll be accustomed to the ridiculously unscientific nature of child development.  That means no further ulcers for me until my children get a little older and start “borrowing” the car….


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