Teething and Snow and Washers Oh My!

I drank approximately 64 ounces of caffeinated beverages today.  I think the total was 3 cups of coffee, 1 Redbull, and at least 2 Diet Cokes (I think they were two different sizes).  Why did this happen you ask?  The baby is teething again.  Last night was the most atrocious night of sleep we have had in quite a while and my son is not a particularly amazing sleeper to begin with.  He slept for all of 4 hours before he was up half the rest of the night tossing and turning and crying.  We ended up caving and giving him Motrin around 2am and that seemed to help him settle a little bit for the rest of the night.  He’s already got his two bottom middle teeth and he won’t let me near his mouth but I presume it’s his top middles that are bothering him.  I don’t care stick my finger in there because I’ll just pull back a stub where my entire hand should have been.

Do you guys have any neat tidbits about teething?  Motrin really doesn’t help this kid that much likely due to the fact that he’s heavy for his age and the doctors will never tell you the correct goddamn dose of medication to give.  Additionally the only things he will voluntarily put in his mouth are his bib and his hands.  He will also chomp on my hand if presented the opportunity.  I’ve probably heard all of the suggestions but if you veteran moms (and dads) have anything to throw in I’m all ears.  I like my hands and do not wish for my carnivorous son to bite them off.

To top off my Saturday lets add to the teething baby, crappy sleep enough snow to make our roads a mess, and a washer that is still broken.  Despite telling GE in advance that I think our pump is burned out and exactly what make and model of washer we have they did not in fact send the repair guy out with the part that he needed to fix the issue.  The repair guy came in, pulled the washer apart, did some tests and quickly determined I was correct and the pump was in fact dead.  My dear husband had to make his way to a Laundromat in the snow today because everyone except the baby is out of underwear (he has the unique advantage of still being in diapers and believe me I have considered that for myself at this point).

On the plus side of this miserable day, my son has graduated from sitting in a bath seat to just kind of chillin’ in the bath tub all by himself.  This mean I got to buy him a cover for the spigot so he doesn’t split his head open.  Elmo now adorns that space and my son laughs at him while getting all clean and fresh.  The trip to Babies R Us to get this thing also yielded a million women being flirted with by the baby.  It has already begun.  I can’t even fathom the teenage years with this much flirting happening at 9 months old.  I’m going to need to switch to something stronger than wine when girls start actually calling my house to talk to him.  Maybe I’ll invest in a nice Bourbon collection over the next few years.


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2 Responses to Teething and Snow and Washers Oh My!

  1. barbex says:

    All I have for teething is
    1. I put a few rubber “Chew-toys” in the freezer and let him chew on the cold thing that seemed to help.
    2. I used a cream that you apply directly on the gums that contained a mild anaesthetic. That was a god-send!

    Other than that just hang in there, it gets better!

  2. April says:

    If he’s fussy about what he puts in his mouth, I’m guessing he rejects the normal refrigerated teething toys. If he likes sticking his bibs in his mouth, though, you way be able to wet & chill terricloth for him to chomp.

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