Sunday = A Day of Rest?

I’m still toying with what kind of schedule I want for this blog.  I like the idea of posting Monday – Friday and maybe just doing pictures or some such thing on the weekend.  I think that will help me avoid getting burnt out too quickly and also keep me from running out of interesting things to write about.

Today I’m pretty much taking off and I’ll resume tomorrow with the promised talk of my breastfeeding experience.  It was a roller coaster for me and that means multiple posts filled with information!  About my boobs!  Aren’t you excited!  I’m excited!  I’m so glad I bought more wine yesterday.

For anyone keeping score we still have no new teeth.  The baby is still cranky and not sleeping well.  I think I can see some action happening along his bottom gums though so hopefully this dreadfulness will be over with (at least for like a few days) sometime in the next week or two.  Now, I’m going to fill up my glass and enjoy my Sunday evening.  Hopefully all of your weekends were nice and relaxing and not filled with cranky, teething, babies 🙂


About Elaine

Mom, engineer, writer, gamer, gym rat. Ain't nobody got time for excuses.
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