Butt Tickles

So…..yeah.  Yesterday was a little heavy.  I realize that it’s easier to read about sunshine and lollipops but some stuff just needs to get out for the world to see.  I will definitely continue to revisit all the difficulties of the beginning I promise.  I just need to break it up a bit.  Maybe today I’ll give you more sunshine, or lollipops, better yet lets talk about baby butts.  If you think I’m going to start talking about how my son poops rainbows you are wrong.  He does not poop rainbows.  He poops horror but that is a whole other post.

My child decided today that he didn’t need a morning nap at all.  Also, the afternoon one only needs to be 1.5 hours.  I’m not sure who he negotiated this shit with but it wasn’t me and it surely wasn’t the poor women at his daycare that had to deal with his cranky self for the rest of the day.  His mood cleared up considerably when we got home and he realized that there were cats to chase and food to eat.  I swear this ends in baby butts just hang with me.

After the dinner had been eaten and one of the cats had been nearly plucked of all her fur I discovered something hilarious about my son.  I went to adjust his jeans which he was wearing in Lil’ Wayne fashion (practically around his ankles) and I accidentally tickled his butt crack.  This resulted in a laugh and the biggest smile I had seen all evening.  So being the completely sane and loving mother that I am I had to tickle his butt again to see if this was a one-off thing.  I’m here to tell you that my son laughs when you tickle his butt.  He laughs hard.  A Gerber baby style belly laugh erupts from him.

I’ve logged this lovely piece of information away deep in my brain.  I’m sure I’ll bust it out when he tells me he hates me, demands more TV before bedtime, or brings a girl home for the first time.  Actually scratch that I’ll save it for the girl.  Mothers do not endure the hell of pregnancy, childbirth, crankiness, and sleep strikes for nothing.  We endure these things for two reasons:  1) we love our children and B) for the future blackmail.  Nothing makes me smile quick like blackmail in the morning.  Ok maybe baby butts.  As long as they aren’t producing poop.  Pro tip:  they are often producing poop.


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