When did this happen?

On November 2nd I’m going to have a 7 month old son. Someone needs to memo this kid and tell him to slow the hell down already because mommy is not ready for him to grow up so damn fast. He’s sitting up unassisted and trying to crawl. He has the most amazing smile in the whole world. Seriously he smiles with his whole face not just his mouth. He has this amazing personality and so many things to say including but not limited to: ba, da, ma, la, oooo, and my favorite *SCREEEEEEEEECCCHHHH*.  It’s going to sound cheesy but I never imagined how different everything would be once we had him. Our whole lives have been turned upside down but we love it.

I realized just how much I love the bambino when someone asked me the other day what Don and I were going to do this weekend. You see we just had our three year wedding anniversary on October 27. Were we going to Atlantic City? Getting dressed up for a fancy dinner? Going to New York for the weekend? Nope. None of the above. We are going to lunch. The person I was talking to was moderately horrified I think. Don and I are going to have sushi for lunch on Saturday and maybe go buy iPods. Why aren’t we going on some vacation or having a night out? Because we both work and that means 40-50 hours of our weeks are consumed by something that is not our child. It’s miserable. I hate being away from him. Hate. It. That’s why when the weekend comes around I want to soak that baby up. I want to snuggle him. I want to tickle him. I want to pretend to nom on his chunky thighs.

(You should seriously see these legs. He could feed a family of four on Thanksgiving with no trouble. I wonder what kind of gravy goes best with baby…..)

The simple truth of the matter is that I want to enjoy this little person as much as possible.  I want to make up for as many of the moments that I miss during the week as humanly possible.  Right now I’m not in a rush to have a long night out with my husband or a weekend away from the baby.  I’m in the lucky position that Don feels exactly the same way.  I predict we’ll spend our lunch talking about how much we love him and how much we want to go home and snuzzle him.  He is delicious.  That is all.


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Mom, engineer, writer, gamer, gym rat. Ain't nobody got time for excuses.
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